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Why I Wrote My Book

In early 2019, I had all of my life plans laid out. I knew what I wanted to do in college, how I would do those things, and when I was going to get them done. But on May 20, 2019, everything changed.

My family experienced a situation which threw us into a financial crisis, and we were all very stressed out. The summer before my freshman year of college was tough and a testament to the kinds of things family members will do for one another. By January 2020, my father lost 72% of his business revenue. If it weren’t for a side job that he had, he’d be bankrupt today.

What Changed

Eventually, I contacted a local resident from my hometown who I thought could help me. I dialed her number, and for the next half hour, we exchanged stories about our time in Newburgh. Even though we are three generations apart, we talked about the exact same issues. While the woman discussed the struggles that her blind daughter faced growing up, I addressed similar concerns about what my then-four-year-old brother and the rest of my family inside the city would have to confront. It was the saddest phone call I've ever had.

The Outcome

Moved by this conversation, I wrote my book for two years as a tribute to what my family went through.

Scheming In the Dark is designed to change the way people see local politics as it relates to larger state and national affairs.

Written as a nonpartisan nonfiction book, it retells the story of brave individuals within the city of Newburgh, New York who tried to bring positive social changes within their local community. Although they were successful and made many sacrifices, these individuals later suffered and lost some of their livelihoods. Those closest to me were also impacted in some way, so this book serves as a tribute to their work.

Follow the characters as they navigate through their own individual struggles and hardships. In a book that focuses on family, community, resilience, and endurance, you will see how far one's determination can carry them.

Online Reviews

"Must Read For Parents, Educators And Students. The author has an excellent style of telling his story. The Google Drive link is an interesting way of providing proof of his argument. Very quick read. Compelling and shocking."

"A Good And Informative Book. This is a very good book from my friend in general and also very informative too. I was in NFA North and didn't know that this was happening in general. Usually at the time I just go to school and go to class and than later on go home in general and do homework. I don't know what the school is doing now in 2022, same thing with P-tech class too. Even though I am not born from Newburgh, I do believe that Newburgh should improve to be better as a community [...]"